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Asus Gamescom 2010

Ulima comedie buna vazuta, bazata pe o carte celebra scrisa de Tucker Max , este , "I hope they server beer in hell" .Pe siteul lui oficial , TuckerMax.com , Tucker se descrie in felul urmator, un "fel" care imi surade: "My name is Tucker Max, and I am an asshole.

I get excessively drunk at inappropriate times, disregard social norms, indulge every whim, ignore the consequences of my actions, mock idiots and posers, sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable, and just generally act like a raging dickhead.

But, I do contribute to humanity in one very important way. I share my adventures with the world. " Ii citisem cartea inainte de film , iar de film am aflat acum cateva zile , cand navigam pe internet. L-am tras repede si lam savurat. Concluzia? La fel de tare precum cartea , merita vazut.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa - Primele Stiri

Acum cateva zile , s-a a anuntat ca Electronic Arts va lansa un joc FIFA dedicat Campionatului Mondial din acest an.Cel mai probabil jocul va fi lansat in vara si sa speram ca va fi asemanator cu WC 2002 care a fost foarte frumos, sau ca EURO 2008 care iarasi mi-a placut. Dar sunt sigur ca va fi o diferenta destul de majora , fata de ce am avut pana acum. Din pacate jocul sar putea sa apara doar pe console (PS3, XBOX360) Pana acum ,doar cateva screenuri ,asteptam previewuri video in curand.
De ce sunt asa sigur , ca va fi ceva mai bun ca pana acu?
Avem aici un interviu cu Simon Humber producatorul actual FIFA

* A gorgeous new pitch: Our pitch simply wasn't good enough, so we've made it look superb.
* Lighting of the players and environment: Clever changes to the lighting makes everything look more realistic.
* Camera flashes: You'll see all the fans in the crowd using their cameras.
* Seat cards: Fans hold up cards to form national flags and emblems in a show of patriotism.

* Fans: Close-up shots on supporters cheering on their team or despairing in anguish.
* Confetti rains down from the sky in the team colors and stays on the pitch all game.
* Streamers create a carnival atmosphere as they glide to the ground.
* Populated benches: Characters sit on the benches rather than being empty.
* Broadcast graphics: The same captions you've seen in FIFA tournament broadcasts.
* Close-up celebration camera: To really feel the goal-scoring moment, the camera zooms in close to the player as he responds to your celebration commands.
* New players and managers: More content for star heads and many of the team managers.[England national team manager Fabio] Capello looks brilliant, and [notoriously tall English footballer] Peter Crouch no longer looks like a naughty elf.


* New chest traps that allow you to chest the ball in the direction you want to go rather than having to take midair touches after a chest to change direction.
* The ability to let a ball drop over your shoulder and move off in the direction of ball travel. Great for preserving momentum with lofted through balls.
* Improved the problem of trapping the ball too far and being "stunned," then taking too long to go and dribble the ball.
* Defensively players will now clear an aerial ball rather than do a chest trap first when you are asking for a clearance.


* Improved the "narrowing down the angle" logic so the keeper doesn't come out so soon and so far, making him vulnerable to the chip shot.
* Ability to change his save direction if there is a deflection.
* Added variety to punching, which results in punches sometimes not clearing the ball out of danger.

CPU Teams:

* Added more skill moves for the CPU to use depending on a player's flair attribute or trait.
* Better understanding of game context and situation, resulting in more intelligent changes of tactics/mentality.
* Manager now looks at who he has as subs and will attempt to give star players on the bench some playing time (i.e. Fabregas for Spain; Pato for Brazil). Previously he would rely solely on match rating and fatigue, leading to unrealistic substitutions or the same one over and over again.


* Teammates will now take more factors into account when looking into space inside the box when they are making a run for a cross to be delivered. I can verify how exciting this is having seen the way that Emile Heskey bulldozed his way onto the end of a cross in Andorra the other day.
* Improved marking for when the CB pushes up to the ball possessor when he shouldn't, leaving the team vulnerable to an easy through ball and 1-on-1 with the GK.


* Improved the realism of where players strike the ball to give more off-center strikes leading to more swerve and variety in ball trajectory.
* Changed the chip shot to make it more challenging and also to improve the feel of it--more backspin, better trajectory.


* Added personality to crosses to allow better players to put in more driven crosses into the box.
* Added chest and shoulder passes.
* Lowered the amount of power you can get on backwards crosses and backwards lofted through balls, forcing you to roughly have to face the way you want to pass it to for these types of kicks to succeed.

Set Pieces:

* Ability to trigger a teammate run on a quick free kick.
* Lowered the likelihood of the CPU scoring from FKs--they were too good.

Pentru interviul total si alte detalii http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/sports/fifaworldcup2010/news.html?sid=6247684&tag=topslot;thumb;1

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Tetris GOD


Annoyng Orange 5: More Annoyng Orange

- You're annoying...

-No I'm not, I'm an orange

Annoyng Orange - Wassup

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WCG Ultimate gamer Season 2 - news by Swoooooooozieee

Mare distractie la Las Vegas inainte de wcg ultimate gamer s2 ... inafara de asta m-am gandit sa...fac si o prezicere in legatura cu jocurile din Sezonul acesta...lista arata cam asa

01. Rythm games: Rock Band ( 2 or the beattles) or Guitar hero 5 or DDR 3 or DJ hero
02. Racing: Forza motorsports 3 , DIRT 2 , NFS shift
03. Fighting: Street Fighter 4 ,Soul Calibur IV or Tekken 6
04: Sports: Fifa 10,NFL 10, The BIGS 10,NCAA Football 10
05. First Person Shooter: Halo 3: ODST , COD: MW or left4dead 2
07. 3rd Person Shooter: Red Faction: Guerrilla , GOW 2

Atacul Energetic

Iar acum , o poza incredibila, surprinsa de paparazzi in timpul campaniei electorale

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WCG Ultimate gamer Season 2

Si...daca ati asteptat cu nerabdare sezonul 2 din wcg ultimate gamer...acum aflati si raspunsul final.DA! o sa fie sezonul 2....Primele stiri au fost anuntate pe http://www.wcg.com/6th/fun/news/news_view.asp?keyno=C10010710000

Si o stire socanta pentru wordwide gamers...."For those who want to join the cast of the WCG Ultimate Gamer season 2, the casting sessions will begin around March of 2010. The show producers will be looking for the best all around gamers from not only from the states, but from Europe and Asia as well for global contestants' pool. We will be sure to post more information about the casting sessions on WCG.com so be sure to watch the news section."
Deci in concluzie prin martie se va face castingul ,dar cel mai important este ca nu vor mai fi gameri doar din USA...in afara de asta am mai aflat ca noul sezon va incepe undeva prin august -- > "Season 2 will begin airing in August of 2010 and end with a grand finale at the stage of WCG 2010 Grand Finals in Los Angeles." Dar nu conteaza , pentru mine ,merita asteptarea"

In afara de astea in timp ce "youtubeam" am gasit doua videouri in care Mark,Swozie si Jamal anunta oficial sezonul 2 acestia aflanduse in Las Vegas

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bloodersblog in 2010

Se pare ca timpu trece repede...nu , nu mi-am dat seama acu , ci de mult ,dar acum mi-am dat seama ca nu am mai scris pe blog....In primul rand la multi ani... sper ca vati distrat de revelion si ati baut...moderat sau ati fumat... nemoderat...In fine conteaza ca sunteti bine si imi cititi postul.

Probabil anu asta o sa vorbim despre ce jocuri vor mai aparea sau au aparut,muzica,filme,utube,4chan,random stuff...

Primul post este unul interesant,cel putin pentru mine.Cred ca pe toti ii intereseaza arta 3d mai ales cand e vorba de game design.Asa ca astazi am dat peste pozele unui contestant la un turneu care avea ca tematica 3d game design.Fiecare participant isi alegea un caracter dintr-un joc si ii facea designul cum isi imagina el ca arata mai bine.Castigatorul a iesit un pusti membru al forumului ZBrushCentral ,anyway here's his work: